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Benefits of this book

Secrets to eat more calories easy!

Limited edition with a 30 Day Challenge

Easy to follow the workout plan


James Smith

"Before I´ve read this book I didn´t knew that I am a hardgainer. At 35 years old, male, with a lot of daily stress, bad sleep, 3 times weekly basketball, 2 times week strength training, at 12% bodyfat, I didnt understand that my recovery abilities they put me in the hardgainer list. I finished the 30 Days Challenge and I feel better than ever! This book is a must have for everyone in the muscle building world!"

Lucas Baker

"Have seen better results in the first weeks on this program than I’ve had in years trying to ‚get stronger‘. Easy to follow, enjoyable & sane approach that works. I was skeptical at first, but results talk & I feel great instead of trashed. Excellent book for mature people."

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E-book Content & Extras

Hardgainer Workout

A professional workout that shows skinny guys how to get a trained body like the big Hollywood-Stars.

30 Days Challenge (Limited Time!)

A challenge that show you fast results in a short period, if you follow it step by step.


The Colorado Experiment

In this chapter you will learn how Casey Viator gained 63,21 pounds in about 28 days and how you can use this for yourself.

Healthy Food

How you can eat 4000 healthy calories easy and which food is the best for your aspiration.

Different Body Types

Not every body is the same. Here you can find information about your body type and how to use this properly.

Supplement Plan

A plan that help you to choose the right supplements to gain a lot of muscle.


 Ther perfect alemenation to get big - Start Now!


The weather can be a little tricky on the moon. We have gathered a nice list for a small transportable walk-in closet.


The perfect plan for beginner and advanced. 

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